January 16, 2012


Happy New Year! (2 weeks too late)

I guess we forgot to mention that Bathetic Records+ William Cody Watson + Alex Zhang Hungtai have put together a concept compilation featuring the crew (our underground friends/family/extended family). 

It’s a free download that has been passed around the internet a lot this past week. It even scored album of the week in the Montreal Mirror.

Interesting factoid: The cover art was shot by Alex on Mulholand Drive in California. 


1. Dirty Beaches - Expressway I
2. Grand Trine - Here Comes The Night
3. Cough Cool - Treal Impala
4. Hot & Cold - Distant Lights
5. Lee Noble - Retreat, Abandon
6. Femminelli - Hotel Suite
7. Xander Harris - When The Dark Was Fed
8. Lantern - Where Are We Now?
9. Ela Orleans - Night Wars
10. Wet Hair - On Edge
11. Tonstartssbandht - Dad Beating Up Dudes (Orlando 1992) 
12. Hobo Cubes - Meditation After Murder (Midnite Drive To The Ocean)
13. William Cody Watson - Hand On My Knee
14. Speculator - Picking Flowers

Download or stream for free at Bathetic Records. 


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